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England Kabaddi Union

Kabaddi is a fast paced sport originating in south Asia and is now spreading globally. It combines elements of tag, wrestling, and MMA, requiring strength, stamina and flexibility.

Our mission is to: promote Kabaddi in England, provide ample playing opportunities and manage Kabaddi in a transparent manner. We achieve this by collaborating with University Kabaddi clubs, National/International organisations & player representatives.

Join a club

If you are interested in playing Kabaddi you can join one of many clubs that we have links to.

Attend Kabaddi training

EKU Birmingham Kabaddi training sessions are now open to the public, sign up to join a training session below!

Start a club

Download the EKU starter pack which includes the EKU Kabaddi Rules, how to start a club guidance document and a template risk assessment.

England Kabaddi Union News
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