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England Kabaddi Union

Kabaddi is a fast paced sport originating in south Asia and is now spreading globally. It combines elements of tag, wrestling, and MMA, requiring strength, stamina and flexibility.

Our mission is to: promote Kabaddi in England, provide ample playing opportunities and manage Kabaddi in a transparent manner. We achieve this by collaborating with University Kabaddi clubs, National/International organisations & player representatives.

Join a club

If you are interested in playing Kabaddi you can join one of many clubs that we have links to.

Book an event

You can book a corporate or charity event with us where you can learn about Kabaddi and even try out the sport for yourself!

Start a club

Download the EKU starter pack which includes the EKU Kabaddi Rules, how to start a club guidance document and a template risk assessment.

England Kabaddi Union News
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