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kabaddi match in progress between imperial college kabadd club and university of birmingham kabaddi club

England Kabaddi Union (EKU) was established by players who have become Kabaddi players from the grassroots levels of Kabaddi in England. Before The England Kabaddi Union, there was no formal management of Kabaddi, specifically rectangular Kabaddi, in England. We hope to fill that gap with transparent and accountable functioning as the official governing body for Kabaddi in England while working towards sustainably fulfilling our objectives as given below.


We work very closely with university Kabaddi clubs across England. Our own committee includes players who are alumni of these universities. We are also officially affiliated with the International Kabaddi Federation - which is the most well renowned and reputed Kabaddi organisation in the world. They manage and run the famous ProKabaddi League in India while also being responsible for organising the Kabaddi world cups.


You can find a list of our clubs and affiliates here.

About Us: About Us


The aims and objectives of the EKU (the Organisation):

  1. To maintain the highest ideals of sports, promote and foster the sport of Kabaddi, inculcate a sense of discipline and proficiency amongst its members, encourage and support players.

  2. To promote and encourage physical, moral and ethical development of the players of the sport of Kabaddi in England, including a special emphasis on the promotion of sport ethics and fair play.

  3. Organise national and international Kabaddi matches in and outside England in order to promote and popularise the sport of Kabaddi.

  4. To seek affiliation with other national and international organisations for achieving the objectives of the Organisation.

  5. Organise training sessions and matches for the members.

  6. Collaborate with organisations / universities and their Kabaddi clubs in order to promote the sport and improve the overall quality of Kabaddi played in the country.

  7. Hire professional coaches in order to train the Kabaddi players representing England.

  8. Facilitate the provision of necessary equipment (such as mats, sportswear shoes) and training spaces to Kabaddi players representing England along with the platform to play Kabaddi to the best of their potential.

  9. Represent Kabaddi in England at the European and international level.

  10. Organise, ticket and hold matches / games / tournaments with Kabaddi clubs and / or other international teams.

  11. To hold social events for the members of the Organisation.

  12. To raise finances for promotion of the game of Kabaddi and achieve other objectives listed in this section.

  13. To reinvest all profits generated by the Organisation towards the promotion and development of the sport of Kabaddi and not with a commercial interest of making profits.

  14. To promote the best interests of members, independent of any political or religious interests.

  15. Collaborate with other international Kabaddi Organisations around the world in order to engage in the above mentioned activities to increase participation in the sport and spread awareness about Kabaddi.

  16. To generally engage in activities, as may be necessary for achieving the objects of the organisation, promotion and development of the sport of Kabaddi.

Last updated: November 2019

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England Kabaddi Union Committee


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