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EKU’s return to Kabaddi guidance has been approved by the UK Government

England Kabaddi Union had devised and submitted a Return-to-Play guidance for Kabaddi (Rectangle), which has now been approved by the UK Government. This means Kabaddi clubs and organisations can now return to play with a greater degree of freedom and normalcy whilst taking appropriate COVID-19 precautions. Clubs and organisations can now engage in Kabaddi related activity in line with the approved EKU Kabaddi (Rectangle) guidance. Legal gathering limits don’t apply during Kabaddi activities conducted in line with the EKU approved guidance.

Our phase wise action plan was formed in consultation with Kabaddi organisations across England and has been approved by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media (DCMS), Sport England and Public Health England. This is a big step for Kabaddi in England.

The full guidance can be found on our website ( The list of approved sports and organisations can be found at (redirects to

We will be updating the guidance over the next few days given recent changes. Let us know if you have any questions.


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