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EKU's Achievements in 2023

England Kabaddi Union, EKU, have progressed significantly over the course of 2023 going from strength to strength both on the sporting side and the governance side of Kabaddi. This was made possible under the presidency of Sanjay, vice presidency of Karmanya and support from Oishik.

We would like to say a big thank you to our partner Warrior Energy Drink without whom this would not be possible. Also, a huge thank you to the players and fans for continuing to support us. Below are our achievements over the past 12 months.

England successful in ProKabaddi League Auction

  • In September 2023 we put forward two England players for the Pro Kabaddi Season 10 player auction, Felix Li and Yuvraj Pandeya.

  • This news was widely covered on social media.

  • This was the first time England players were purchased in India’s Pro Kabaddi League auction.

Kabaddi training partnership with West London College

  • EKU entered into an agreement with West London College, WLC, to hire out the venue every week for Kabaddi training in London.

  • We purchased a set of Kabaddi mats and WLC agreed to store the mats at the venue.

  • The training sessions are attended by approximately 10-15 players every week and training commenced in January 2023.

Kabaddi training partnership with Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, Birmingham

  • Similar to above EKU entered into an agreement with Fox Hollies Leisure Centre to hire out the venue every week for Kabaddi training in Birmingham.

  • This partnership was struck over the summer and training sessions commenced in September 2023.

England beat Poland and Argentina at the Bangabandhu Cup in Bangladesh

  • EKU were invited for the second time to the Bangabandhu Cup which took place in March 2023 in Bangladesh where the England team beat Poland and Argentina.

  • The matches were broadcasted live on T Sports and live streamed on YouTube.

EKU Kabaddi Rules

  • In February 2023 EKU produced a set of rules for Kabaddi and published them on our website.

  • We believe these are the clearest and most comprehensive set of rules for Kabaddi, globally.

EKU Referee Certification Course

  • In September 2023, we started a referee certification course to improve the standard of Kabaddi referees in England.

  • The course consists of a theory exam and a practical requirement in order to become a fully qualified referee.

  • Currently, there are 8 fully certified and 1 provisionally certified EKU Referees.

Once again thank you for your support and we are looking forward to another fantastic year in 2024!


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