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England players listed in Pro Kabaddi Season 10 Player Auction

England Kabaddi Union (EKU) have been informed that Felix Li and Yuvraj Pandeya have been listed in the Pro Kabaddi Season 10 player auction.

EKU have decided to put forward Felix Li and Yuvraj Pandeya into the auction. Felix and Yuvraj were instrumental in the 2023 Bangabandhu Cup helping England beat Poland and Argentina. Both also had great performances in the 2022 Bangabandhu Cup scoring tackles against reputable Asian teams such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

In 2023 Felix and Yuvraj attended Future Fighters Academy and Mohit Narwal's Kabaddi Academy in India to further improve their Kabaddi skills. They are now leading training sessions to spread their knowledge in England.

Pro Kabaddi is a professional Kabaddi league in India that has been running since 2014. It is said to have "revolutionised the sport of Kabaddi" as mentioned on their website. There are 12 teams in the Pro Kabaddi League and each team needs to pick a minimum of two overseas players and a maximum of four overseas players.


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