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Sept 2020: COVID-19 Guidelines for Kabaddi in UK

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports (especially contact sports) will face obstacles in being able to return to normalcy. For university Kabaddi clubs, we have laid down the following recommended guidelines that can be followed in order to facilitate the return to functioning of their clubs.

At the outset, please check with your university, union and training spaces to find out the extent to which they are allowing sporting activity to take place on campus and training spaces.

  1. It is likely that contact sports such as Kabaddi will not be allowed as of now, given that the Government guidelines are insisting on maintaining social distancing

  2. In the event that you have training spaces available but contact sports are not allowed, we would recommend the following:

    1. Have fitness, cardio and calisthenics sessions in groups of no more than 6;

    2. Try and maintain a distance of 1m between two people at all times;

    3. Do NOT share any equipment, material or water bottles;

    4. Provide hand sanitisation equipment and other cleaning material if possible;

    5. Be aware of recently symptomatic members and instruct them to not attend the session; and

    6. Avoid putting equipment that has sweat / saliva on commonly used surfaces;

  3. In the event that you do not have training spaces available, we would recommend going to parks and other open spaces in multiple groups (such that no more than 6 people are in a group) and following the above mentioned recommendations.

  4. It is worth playing non-contact games that involve similar skills as those involved in playing Kabaddi, such as speed, reactions, agility etc.

  5. Training in either place (indoors and outdoors) should not have any contact required in order to train / play.

Make sure that your members are duly informed of the risks and benefits of attending the training sessions and that they do not feel obligated to attend training sessions if they are hesitant. Provide your members with the details of the committee member who members can reach out to if they have questions or reservations.

We are all trying to adapt to this new reality and physical activity is as important for our physical health as it is for our mental health. But let’s take it step-by-step while being careful and responsible.

*Please refer to for the official updated guidelines. Government guidelines and rules override the guidelines mentioned above


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